AUGUST 14 / 2019

Nutrition in training camp

First things first: Training camp is not the right time to start a diet. Some of you might want to lose some kilograms you've gained over the comfy and delicious offseason.

AUGUST 02 / 2019

First time travelling to a cycling holiday? No worries!

Cyclists and triathletes all own their own bikes and often bring them on their cycling holidays / training camps. Bringing your own bike guarantees that you know your bike and feel comfortable on it – but besides from this bringing your bike is also often related to lots of extra stress: How do I pack my bike safely? Which airline will take my bike? How much will it cost? How do I get to and from the airport with all the luggage? What if I have mechanical issues at the travel destination? And most important: will my bike arrive on time and without any damage? Who doesn’t know the stories about broken frames.. or bended rear derailleurs hangers.
JUNE 06 / 2019

Sa Calobra / Coll dels Reis, my love

This is one of my most favorite places on Mallorca – some may understand my excitement, some won’t, but to me this is the prettiest climb on the island.
MAY 17 / 2019

Test new bikes on real roads

Buying a new (or maybe your first) bike is always exciting – and also not an easy decision as bikes are expensive and you need to make sure the bike fits you well. What size should you take, what geometry fits your needs and how will the bike handling be in real situations?